Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Can Call It An Year Now

Hey All,

It's been an year since the day, i left my home and moved to this new city of Bengaluru(Bangalore). Today, i also complete a whole year in my second job for Invidya Solutions pvt. ltd.

Left most with eyes closed.
The year is filled with a lots of first's. And today, i'm only going to talk about the happy first's. So, read on the happy experiences i have had since last year till this date :-

1. The best thing happened to me after moving to Bangalore was the TRIP TO GOKARN. It was the first time, i saw at a sea for me. The first time i saw it, i was amazed by the vastness of it and still is.

2. You can call me independent now. I have been living, on my own for more than 8 months now. I'm responsible for my life here. Not dependent on anyone of any sort.

Black with folded hands, that's me.

3. Blogger's meet. I have attended 2 blogger's meet organized by Indiblogger. I always thought blogger's are these virtual people whom you can't physically meet. But this myth was broken early in this year, when i attended my first blogger's meet. It's always good to give faces to the names.

4. Work is getting better. It obviously is from where it started is in much better conditions.

5. Sea Food. See, the bad part of living is Northern India is, you don't get good sea food which i got to know only after moving here, similarly i no more try to find good chaats in Bangalore, cause it is there. I ate prawns, different fishes(Tuna, being my fav), crabs though i haven't tried any wired stuff.

That's all food in front of us. We sat for close to 2 hours for this buffet.

6. Buffets. I love buffet's, now. After, coming here, my appetite grew drastically. I have attended some 8-10 buffet's and can tell you, if you want to get the worth out of an expensive buffet, i'm your guy.

7. Blogging. Though, i have mentioned it at seventh spot but by no means, it is less important to me. Blogging have been really good for me. I reached an alexa of 67,000 in January, 2010 and mind that it's really good. Then, i got my first Google Page Rank of 3 for the first time in the 3 years of my blog's history. I stood 3rd and 5th while participating in the Indiblogger of the Month for the month of April and May, respectively.

Click to enlarge, You can see my name there. Yaay me!!!!

8. Live Cricket. I saw live cricket for the first time in my life. It was Delhi Dare Devils v/s Bangalore Royal Challengers. It's an amazing feeling to watch a game live.

I know, i look most of the pics......but that's me.

Warping it up for the day. Soon, will be writing about the bad first's.
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