Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beach Trip - Post One

Hey All,

It has been a long time when i posted something about me. So, today i'm starting a three post series of my trip to the beach, remember its was my first trip to the beach which makes it especial to me.

So the first post of the trip is about the Journey Starts. For the first set of pictures, i'm starting with the ones where we were travelling or the bus.

We were five people in this trip named Apurva, Hitesh(that's me), Nikhil, Raghav and Yogi. I was friends with the other three except Yogi, whom i met for the first time on this trip.

The bus was starting from a place close to our house at 19:30 PM Friday evening. Except Yogi, we all were on time but Yogi made a last minute entry.

Here's the pics from the bus at the start. You can click on the pics to enlarge them.

There is Me in the front, then Raghav being dry humped by Apurva and Yogi almost getting lost at the end. Nikhil is missing from this one. But you can find in the next one.
Then about 21:30 PM in the night the bus was out of the city and on the highway to reach the place -- Gokarn/Om Beach.

Here, me behind the camera and other in front. Everybody was excited cause we were expecting to reach the beach early morning. The bus was a sleeper bus and was very comfortable. My friends took some liquor, yea we were carrying booze which they were thinking of having some in the bus to sleep better. Though i don't drink, so i brought cold drink for me. Half way in the journey, everybody else in the bus was either sleeping or snoring or doing both. My seat was in alone that means none of my friends were with me. Around 12 in the night because of all the cold drink , i was feeling to pee and have been holding for more than an hour cause the driver won't going to stop the bus for only one person to pee. Then, i went up to the driver and asked when will we going to stop. He said in next 15 mins.......which brought lots of relief. But i was thinking i had less water then what my friends had and how are they not feeling it. Then the bus stopped at a motel kind of a place. I went out ASAP and peed. Then i checked with my friends, asked why didn't they wanted to pee. They told that they could not hold it for long and filled up all the bottles we brought with us.

Yea, that is the extent of disgust guys can reach. Never mind, lets move forward. Then the bus took off from there......but after like 1 and half hour.....about 2:30AM in the night, the bus got punchered. Flat tyre.

There place was a no where land. No signs of living beings as far as we could look actually.

 However the problem was fixed with in 20 mins and we were back on track. We reached the place early in the morning. Next pic was taken in the morning........well all look bad in the morning. So do i and i admit it.

 Thanks for being here. I hope this post will keep you excited about the next in the coming days. Enjoy being here till then.

Adios Manana.

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