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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Miniclip - The Vicious Circle

One day, you think you have a few hours to kill and doesn't have any thing good to do. Everything around you is pushing you towards boredom and nothing in real life is exiting enough.

You, then, decide to take on the virtual world to seek help. You find Miniclip as the first search result for online gaming. Your inner you tries to stop you to click the link, however, the thought of being alone and bored for the next few hours has more drive. You couldn't resist yourself from click the link and landing to a home page which is filled with options, probably millions, if you count them.

This is exactly where Miniclip sucks you in and puts you on a hamster's workout wheel. You start trying out different options one by one but you can't find the way out. Actually, there isn't. Well, at least not for the faint-hearted.

Src - gymjunkies.com
Once you are addicted to Miniclip, the only way out is to have a real life. Yea, in the real world, which by this time scares the life out of you, cause lets face it, you are more alive on the virtual world than you ever were in the real world. You get your long due acceptance in the virtual world. The people in the virtual world now know you by your fake, but the one you chose, name. And, you love it more than your real life.

Like every other drug and its addiction, you would need the support of your family and friends to throw aside the addiction. But, if you had them in the first place, you wouldn't have fallen for this life sucking virtual world. This is exactly why, moving out of virtual world isn't for the faint-hearted.

I'm part of this virtual world / vicious circle. If you aren't, help me out. Calling all the people out there.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Toilet For Babli

During our early years of childhood, we all would go for a family trip to my paternal home/village. Being from the far and remote land of Uttranchal, the fun of spending the whole vacation at a place where we did not have regular connection to electricity, would walk about half a kilometer to fetch drinking water and poop in the open was equivalent to the amount of discomfort, if not less.

Though for us, being children and boys, pooping in the open wasn't the worst thing. After a few days of embarrassment, we would kind of start taking proud of doing it. When back in Delhi/NCR, I would boast of the my "pooping-under-the-open-sky" stories among my friends. The fun stories where we would, after being already warned many times by the neighbors, would poop in their paddy field. 

But it did not take much of time for me to realize, why wouldn't it be the best arrangement for the ladies and girls of family. The same would be an unfeasible option after the sun sets, when the reptiles and insects in the fields wouldn't even visible easily. Especially, for the locals of the village, it wasn't an experience but a suffering which was ignored over the years by the men of the family. Men of the family, who would direct them to the backyard of the house or to a lonely field, but wouldn't make an effort towards saving their dignity.

But, don't know triggered it, probably government policies or general awareness (if you want to believe) that one year when we were back in the village for vacation, we had a small walled compartment just beside our home which was marked "toilet". I wouldn't say I was happy to use it as it wasn't the nearly close to the arrangements like in cities, however, it was still a relief from pooping in the open. However, small construction like the one we had, cleared the threshold as more and more families adopted the concept of "walled toilets". 

After being past the experience, I would and have always suggested and promoted the "walled toilets". I'm here adding my experience and support towards Domex's effort towards making India villages an "open defecation" free.

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on www.domex.in  and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

Be part of the change. Show Domex you support on twitter by following them @DomexIndia and be part of the awareness and twitter conversation with #ToiletForBabli.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SkyScanner's SkyScanning

What makes those experiences special which last in our memories for years? Well, it’s not a simple question to answer. Frankly and possibly, this is the first I’m trying to find an algorithm for this “Chemical X”. Let me start then, from the first to the last step.

The meet was started 24 hours when Indiblogger and Skycanner announced contest for the best travel selfie. It started showing soon in my twitter feed and many a Indibloggers started tweeting. I also couldn’t resist the amazing prize of the contest and tweeted a few 7 selfies. I did get a few retweets and favourites from fellow Indibloggers, which started the Skyscanner meet for me on twitter.

The venue - Le Meridien, is possibly the best venue I have came across and I have been to 14 different Indiblogger meets. It has this huge hall which accommodated the biggest Indiblogger meet till now, close to 400 Indiblogger. The lunch was delicious, sumptuous and very well organised too.

The people - I always believe, people around you make the experience special and the bloggers crowd was nothing less than a rockstar. All the people sitting around the table with me were energetic and full of enthusiasm. We were all together laughing at every joke, dancing when asked to, cheering loudly, listening to every point of view presented and enjoying every moment.

Presentations – All presentation and promotions were, gladly, short and precise. Skyscanner promoted their product/webpage in the best concise manner. They rightfully promoted their best features – “Everywhere” and “Monthly and Yearly”- instead of hogging time for commonly found services.

Contests – All the games we played individually or with teams were another reason why this meet was special. The prizes were special too. Actually, I and my team won the team amazing “around-the-world” treasure hunt contest too. This was the first ever team win for me at Indiblogger meets.

Even after writing more than 300 words, I still can point to one reason which puts the Skyscanner meet among the top few. I would give it up to everyone at the meet, the sumptuous lunch, the crazy content we won and new exciting people I met.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Wished - Your Wish My App

So, I got a mail from Indiblogger, while sipping coffee in a conference room at my office. I tried reaching the Indiblogger webpage and register, but damn the network service which left me high. I couldn't leave the room for another half hour and it, seriously, was killing me. After leaving the room, I rushed to my work station and registered for the event and called by friend / fellow blogger to register too. I was lucky too, cause, the number of seats left after me registering went into single digits.

After grabbing some deep breathes, I looked at the complete mail about the event and its agenda. That's when I got to know that the event was sponsored by Nokia, who were also backing "Your Wish My App" season 2. Now, I do remember the season one of #YWMA, cause it gave me the chance to see Rajiv Makhni and Chetan Bhagat face to face. Yup, face to face means face to face. I was asked to sit in the audience for the Season Final of #YWMA, which was this huge wave innovation coming across in Delhi from several and very different cities of India.

So, to be at an event, which also marked the official start to the #YWMA season 2, was thrilling. This offered me another chance to meet Rajiv Makhni, who also told me that he recognizes me from another event, Vikas Khanna, you better know him and if not, stopping reading and leave, and Vishal Gondal, the witty/sarcastic entrepreneur. Even though, we reached late for the event, but what happened next installed my faith in god. At start, we had to stand at the back, as all the seats were taken. But then Poonam Kaul, Nokia, appears from heaven with a halo invites people to move to front to the bean bags. AND WE GOT THE BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE.

With best seats, I was all geared up and the event was nothing less than an absolute laughter riot. Rajeev with his funny stories, Vikas with his innocence and Vishal with his sarcasm and wit. The wired discussions between Rajeev and Vikas, Vikas's responses to Vishal and Rajeev and Vishal playing to his reputation of being the bad-ass judge. Two best thing about the whole #YWMA Indiblogger meet was the chemistry and amazing sense of humor among the all three judges/host/celebs.

I did hear a lot about Vikas before the event, though, I found him way better than described. It's not cause others weren't or I'm being paid to write for him, it's simply because he was. I was not a fan of Vikas's but after the event, I'm and have been following him on Fox Traveller.

Even though, I didn't win or get anything this time around, but I went home with an evening filled with laughter, heart filled with memories of meeting Vikas Khanna and Rajeev Makhni (Vishal - let's give it one more chance) and tummy filled with delicious dinner at the Oberoi Hotel.

Here's wishing to be in the stands again at the #YWMA season 2 finale.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The "Many" People

"These people should be hanged, life term isn't enough", is what I heard when entering into the local billiards club. There's nothing to be amazed about, I know how to play pool. Any who, I couldn't ignore the discussion, not cause that I wanted to participate, but cause they were so loud. The discussion was over Indian supreme court overruling the high court verdict of categorizing of section 377 of IPC as unconstitutional.

The views of these guys were just a mere reflection of the rigid and conservative Indian culture and mentality. This has nothing to do with education. This has everything to do with upbringing. Many people don't like changes and the sad part of being in a democracy is that the "Many" people form a majority. And these "Many" people are scared of the up coming changes. There "Many" people believe homosexuality is not natural. There "Many" people believe that its a disease which can be cured and is against their religion.

This post is not to change anyone's view on the issue in hand. I don't have the convincing power, same's the reason I'm not into sales or marketing. But this is just to the induce a thought that if you are among the "Many" people then be ready for the change. You may not want it, but it will come in.

src: twitter.com

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Token Ka Jaadu

This is a comeback. Well at-least, I believe it is and if you are reading this, then, its a comeback for you too. So, you don't get into the comeback and I'll try to be regular this year.

The year started with a small skit performed right in front of my home recently(read today). So, Mother Dairy has already posted about the skit a couple of weeks ago. The skit was to spread awareness of Mother Dairy's toned Milk and how it is better than other varieties of Milk available at Mother Dairy. Following are few :-

         1: - It reduces the Carbon footprint cause it doesn't require any packaging,
         2: - The quality of the Milk is same as others available, just, less fatty,
         3: - It is easily available cause of mass production.

Other than the advantages, that the performers sang about throughout, the real eye catcher was the enthusiasm of the skit performers. After arriving on time, they had to struggle to find and gather people to the venue. They went on and round and round to different streets and parks urging people to come to the venue and be part of the awareness program. Ultimately, when they did gather a substantial crowd, they started. They immediately found support from the crowd, who were singing and dancing along, especially the toddlers.

It a was small 10 minutes skit but an effective one. It encouraged people to drink milk and toned milk, specifically and to all age group. The skit was aimed to all age groups and spreading advantages of milk in all age groups.

It felt good to see the initiative from Mother Dairy and thus, they deserve a thumbs up for the effort. Same goes for the ENTHUSIASTIC BUNCH OF PERFORMERS.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ek Tu Sacha. Ek Woh Sacha

There are only two truths of ones life and as soon as one admits and commits to one of them, then, that's it - bliss. This is something I have come across and know none of them is as easy as it sounds or said, but, i can still count it as a correct path to go forward. Many a times choosing a path could be as difficult as walking the line, however, choosing a path is just a start. If ones life doesn't throw any challenges, then, one is completely living ones life wrong.

Believe in God or the almighty and in love, it of them will guide, help and take you the right course to your aim.

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