Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Indi(a)Blogger Sunday Meet

Hey All,

First i apologize for a late post. You can't blame me for it. By now you must know that i'm awesomely lazy. Leave that behind, today's post is about the INDIBLOGGER's blogger meet last sunday.


Indiblogger is the bloggers community for all Indian Bloggers. Most of the Indian bloggers are part of this huge community. That was the reason why i joined this community some 3-4 months back. I was recognized soon there as the i got as IndiRank of 75 out of 100. The higher you are, the better you are doing.

Here's the Story

This blogger meet was proposed by one of our fellow blogger named Akhil, how it was sad that at the day he was not able to make it to the meet. But till the date, 10/01/10 ...... there were 34 registration cause there are lot of blogger in the IT City of India, Bengaluru.

First the meet was supposed to be at a Cafe Coffee Day center but cause of the response, it was shifted to POTLUCK Veg Rest. which is owned by one of the fellow Blogger B.K. Birla(also owns, a local search engine). So this was about the venue and talking about the participants, i can proudly say that there were all big shots of blogging. Starting from people who know all about recent technologies to people who were the SEO Guru's to people owning Internet Marketing Companies to people who left their job in MNC and now blogging. 

The meet started with everybody coming up and telling about how they got into blogging? what are they doing now? and all different experiences they had while blogging. We called it the Few Minutes of Fame. I liked this part of the meet especially cause till now i knew how i got inspired and started blogging, but now i know how these big shots started blogging and how they made to what they are now?. Can't really describe it in words what experience i gained from the Few Minutes of Fame which being a blogger i should know but as all of you know, i'm not that good at this either.


Though, it was a gaining experience where everybody learned something but still there was this discomfort for me being alone. Why i was alone? Well during the Few Minutes of Fame, i got to know that i was only blogger (because i can't recall if anybody else said it) who was blogging for money. Other that me, everybody else was doing it for pleasure or as a hobby. This was the only part where i was trying to hide behind someone but couldn't cause i was sitting right in the middle of group. Then, there was the part when everybody was discussing about Google Page Rank and all the SEO guru's were putting in their best so that people like me can understand and use the info someday but it all bounced over my head.

At the end, i want to thank all the people for being there and having me. B.K. Birla for hosting and sponsoring the meet. Sorry to all the people i met in the meet cause i don't remember the names of all. Yea, i'm bad at remembering names.

Ending the post with pics from the meet. Pics by Rajashekar

 B.K.Birla ( Big Smile from Sponsor)                                             Kartik(Indiblogger's chatty)


Everybody Listening Seriously (hope you can find me cause this is the only pic with me there)

No, I found one more of me.


Note:- Above pic is insanely funny. The First word says Kolakata(supposed to be Kolkata). Funny cause KOLA means Banana and Kata means cut. So if your mind is as filthy or dirty as mine, you must have got the funny part of it.

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