Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hi Al,

Its been long since i posted some pics. Well these pics are from my B'day treat......which was at this restaurant named Barbecue-Nation. We went for dinner buffet.

So, here the important thing. I'm not a Thank you and Sorry guy. Once i read a Reese Witherspoon interview once in a newspaper where she said that she is teaching her children how to say thank you and sorry. I think that's a good thing. But i'm not used to it. What i think is if you are paying for any service than you don't say thank you for it. I mean come on, you are paying for's not that the other person is doing some favor to you. That's what i thought till, now i'm changing ........but i know it won't change that easily.

But i think, burp is kind of a Thank You to the person who cooked such a great meal for you. Yup, i think so and believe in it. That's why after eating, i count each burp as a thank you to the person and hope the other person do so too.

So that proves i'm not at all that bad of a person, it's just that i'm a bit different from others.

There is some light problem in a couple of them.....also i'm not good at clicking......

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