Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gabbie Turns 2 Today

Hi All

Today is, 17th Of November 2009 and exactly 2 years ago i.e. 17th Of November 2007, the miracle baby was born. Her parents Sandra Bender and Jason Bender named her Gabriella Bender means

God is my strength. She was as brave as her mother and father to hold and stand against the odds and at the end the whole cancer phase......she and her mom survived. One of the most courageous instances, i have heard in my life........although i haven't heard about a lot but still this one is right at the top.

Its her Birthday, correction - Second Birthday today and i can't explain why.....but i do feel happy. I have been following the blog for more than 3 months i believe......wish could say more .......This is one of those few blog where i don't just go to drop Entrecard. I go there to read about how gabbi is doing? What she is learning?

Here, Wishing all the happiness to her for her life ahead. Would recommend all to go ahead

To know the whole story by Mommy Sandra Bender go to here where you can read the whole incident again.

Everybody, please give her a applause and some wishes...

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