Friday, November 13, 2009

School Keepsake Book

With Christmas at the corner everybody is excited for it. Especially the toddlers. Altought i don't celebrate Christmas with that kind of intensity.....for me Christmas is fun and eating good food with friends and family or spend time with someone close. But i know in Christan countries, Christmas is huge. I think it's the most awaited day of the year of them and toddlers, aaahhh, they love Christmas. All the gifts, candies, chocolates........time with family.....i mean everything they want. That's why a good gift for them could be really handy in doubling the joy. Here are some of the gifts that you can pass to them with which will not only make them happy but also will help them at school. A school keepsake book is keeps the memories alive for long time. Another gift can be for them......kind of useful for yourself too.....penny laine baby book. You can collect the baby pics into it and write stories about them. There's another good gift which is a nap mat which i think would be a really handy gift.

So try it and enjoy the vacations. And one more thing.....winters are here in India too..... I mean the norther area of India, close to himalayas are getting snowfalls. But i'm kind of at the other end where its always a moderate climate, never to cold.
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