Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wishing On An Eyelash

Do you wish on an Eyelash? What do you wish for?

P.S. :- this is not an attempt to write a poem....but this did come up like one. You can read it like a poem....but i'd suggest to read it like a story. 

An eyelash on my palm,
can't decide what to wish for,
good day at work or India's win,
happy mother's day for my maa,

went to god and asked,
why have i been always this confused,
never made a good decision,
never had that precision,

god said, you don't have to be,
it's just the other way you need to see,
you have everything but still you're sad,
your life isn't at all that bad,

a bit of determination with imagination,
you don't need to reach perfection,
a bit of satisfaction is worth all,
your life is not bad at all.

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