Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Missing You Mom

When i listen to the song "Maa" from the movie "Taare Zameen Par", i can really feel the song, atleast now. By "now", i mean i left my home last year May to work in Bangalore. Why i say i can feel it? Simple, i'm living aways from the home since a year and haven't been to back home since then and i mean not even for a single day vacation.

It's been a real pain since then. No, i don't miss my mom. I mean i do, but not like those people who call their parents everyday to check. Though everyday here, living alone in this big city, i realize what effort my used to put in to give me the comfort. May, it be cooking "fresh roties" when i used to come back from my night shifts at 3 in the morning or never complaining when ever i bought a "white shirt". Cause now i know how much effort it needs to clean you whites  :) . Even though i hate it.....but i can never deny she was always right and me wrong.

Again from the song, it's not easy for me to confess love or show that i care. I have heard it many times "it's hard for men to emote" and yea, count me in as one of those. Words are much easier to me and that's how this post comes into frame.

Today, i only wish to just meet, not my, but my mom's expectations. I wish that i can bring her everything back that she has given up for me.

P.S. :- This post is to participate in the Blog Adda's for the contest Write a Tribute to your Mom!
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