Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shutter Island - Another Martin-Leo Masterpiece

I think, The Shutter Island would easily qualify for the most awaited movies of this year. There are many reasons first it's a Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio and every-bodies expectations just rise to a different just after listening to these names.


This is an great ensemble of actors.

Leonardo DiCaprio has nothing to prove but he does always shows that he is just improving though he don't have to, he is already at a level were he is a legend.

Ben Kingsley, a living legend. I saw this movie after watching Elegy some 15 days back.....and can easily tell you.....that he is a delight to watch.

Mark Ruffalo, while watching the movie, i wished if Mark Wahlberg was given this part but then i thought Mark was perfect for the part, though he didn't start at a good note but he raised his performance during the movie.....and was very convincing in the end.

Other than the three major character, everybody was good.........which made the movie a convincing act.


Well, this is a suspense-thriller and talking much about the movie can actually mess up all the thrill of watching it. But just to lure you towards the movie, i'm going to tell you somethings. The movie starts with Leo(Ted Daniels) with his partner Mark(Chuck) are going to the Shutter Island to investigate about the suspicious get away of Rachel Solondares, who is a patient at shutter island. Ted starts investigating with Chuck and as he starts digging deep into the case, he starts finding some really dark secrets about the Shutter Island which if exposed can be very devastating but he needs to prove it. But, he can not trust anyone on the Island, he has no friend. How does he collect all the evidences and how will he get off the island and go to the world to tell the story of shutter island is the things to watch for.

It's an amazing story and hail to the director(Martin Scorsese) and Laeta Kalogridis for the screenplay. The movie gives you all kind of shivers like horror when you see all those mentally ill patients, thrill and suspense are the major part of the movie and it has the love angle too.

Good Things

By the time you reach this part of the post.....you must have known this is a must watch movie and everything about it is worth watching.

This is a highly recommended movie, a must watch or whatever you people call it but do watch this movie, you won't regret it. For all the people from home(India), you can expect for this movie to release soon.

9/10  (INDIVINE)


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