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Memoies @ Kyra

Hi All,

As one of my fellow blogger from from Indiblogger said that because it's been a long time since the meet was over, the difference a post about the meet makes a very less. Well, i thought about and said to me "man .. i'm not reviewing the was an awesome experience, first of it's kind in my this post is about the memory not the review of some crappy event i was part of".

For people who don't know Indiblogger :- Indiblogger is a community of bloggers from India.

How it got to know

I'm pretty regular at Indiblogger so, i always knew about it since the day it was posted on the community. I was one of the first 50 people to enroll. The limit of participants was kept at 100 but .....but because of the good response(which i know was mostly cause of the Free Beer ) and number of bloggers Bengaluru has, it was soon increased to 150.

On D-day

I'm pretty new to the city still, though i'm very good with directions. So, yea i knew the place where the meet was but i couldn't calculate the time to reach there preciously and ended up to be early, at the venue, by more than 90 mins. There were many other bloggers who were having same problem and ended up reaching the place early....but cause i didn't knew anybody....i didn't recognize anyone. One of the fellow blogger named SARO was also there pretty early which i do remember cause i saw her outside the venue all bored, but cause i didn't knew anything till we met at the meet, didn't do much.

What i did for all those 90 mins??? There was a super market around the place.....i went in there......and shopped for edible juice and soda. Then also called my friends so that i can kill some more time.
@ Kyra

Man, Kyra is some place. They have dinning, awesome bar and there is a theater where you can listen to some really good music. Later, i heard, Kyra was also hosting a show where the Legendary Singer Pete Lockett was supposed to be performing. Man this was huge. I hope lots of people may have turned up for that event too. Kyra Rocks.


Bloggers Met

The meet was one of it's kind because.....let me say that again....because....."I have never seen 100+ bloggers under same roof......we are a rare species and that to on the verge on extinction".

I met a lot of people there. I'm listing a few here. Sorry to the people i forgot......and it's all your must have left me some thing to remember you.

People I met .....

Dr. Shashikant:- Man i thought Doctors used to busy.....think i'm watchin too much of GREY's ANOTOMY and yea, do add that Dr to his name... :). He brought his friend Himanshu with him, though he was not a blogger but very much wanted to be one. Then, i met Raghavendra,(couldn't find your page) the most inspiring blogger i have ever met. He is an SEO expert and he was the most famous guy in meet. You need to see it to believe it. I was there with him for most of the time and that's how i know how people were excited to meet him. People came over after the meet was over to meet him. Man, he was hit on the day. Then there was Ravinder Joisa, who complained why people can't spell his last name correctly. He works with Raghavendra for IBM

@Bengaluru and he was the first person to ask me about my blog and what i write. Then, during the mingling session, i met some other 10 bloggers and the indiblogger team. People i met, Mohan B.N. (one of the most active people in the community and renowned for his blogging skill), there was this lady named Sowmya (very strong thoughts and man she was argue or more so of discussion.... :) .....) and yea, the girl i talked about earlier ..... Saro(with funny accent, works @ a call center as a trainer and not a frequent blogger  :). I'm not writing her full name....cause i do remember her name, just a hint....and don't wanna mess it up...if that's not the correct one.... :)

One more though, his name was Monish(i messed with his name too....sorry man). He is a Prison Break junkie and what i did....i adviced him to watch Friends or How i met your mother ... what else do you expect from me.....i'm a Friends freak.

Sorry to others who i met but forgot ........ :(

Mingling Session

The organizers asked to meet the other bloggers........and that's wat we did. We all had a paper sheet on our back on which we needed to collects comments and the one with the most....wins....and gets cool Tee's from Indiblogger.

Free Beer

The event was sponsored by the Beer gaint in India "KingFisher". So there was free beer .....happy....not for me....i don't drink.


There was a few disappoints like the event was over to fast.......we were left wishing for more. I was thinking of some cricketing talk especially about IPL.......i think i was the only Delhi DareDevil fan there, i mean hardcore fan. I'm not even participating in a contest for the chief blogger for another team.

So people, this is it.........these are my beautiful memories from the meet.

Hope to bring more interesting memories.

Note:- Pictures are from Ravinder Joisa, visit him for more of his work.


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