Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Earth Hour

We, people or human, have been advancing and growing in population exponentially. There were days when people used to say this is not possible, that's not possible but man have made everything possible. Even the bad thing. We have exploited earth resources to that extent that we now are searching for new options.

With the resources drying up, i won't say is a bad thing or good thing because we knew that there is a limit to that.......petrol, coal etc are limited, we knew there will be one day when we won't have any petrol, gas or coal. I'm more pissed on the wastage of things which can and could be saved but was never done. Especially people, who can afford these facility tend to waste them. One of the stats i referred while creating this post was how much does the one time food cost in a developed country compared to the one undeveloped country? There stats are tragic. Costs ratio is close to thrice.

There have been many discussions and all about different issues around the world. Many decisions taken but how well were they implemented? One case study i read about the OZONE Layer Depletion which was one the biggest threat in the 1990's and early 2000's. Affecting all the countries, across Africa, who have line of Equator falling in the regions. People suffered sun burns, skin diseases and many more adverse affects. Governments across the world took the issues seriously and implemented strict laws to cut down the emission of CFC's around the world. Refrigerators and Air-conditions using CFC's were banned. After years of implementation of the laws, we saw the result. Depletion of Ozone Layer stopped and after a couple of years improvement was seen when the Hole was seen to be closing. Though it will take time to reach the perfect stage but good initiative lead to a revolutionary change.

We require a revolution like this again. Global Warming is getting big and can prove fatal to Island countries.

I have joined in the revolution by joining the EARTH HOUR and promoting it so that maximum people can roll in.

What you got to do.

3 Steps to Roll In

1. Join Earth Hour
2. Show Your Support.
3. Spread The Word

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