Thursday, March 4, 2010

Promoting VRITIRA - The Band

Hi All,

Presenting Vritira - It's means the "Kind Of The Ocean" and that's exactly what this band is looking for. Vritira is rock band from New Delhi or Delhi comprised of 4 band members. The Members are :-

Amit   ----  Lead guitarist
Ankit  ----  Bassist
Ishan  ----  Vocalist (in the pic)
Raj     ----  Drummer

I know the Vocalist - Ishan. We have worked together, not as band members but colleagues. He is good, let me correct it, he's very good. We always used to push him to sing for the whole batch.......and he always used to sing. 

Vritira, as a band has recently performed at Delhi University Colleges @ A.R.S.D, Delhi and Ram Lal Anand College, Delhi University. 

Being a fairly new band, Vritira needs promotion........and i'm doing so. Watch them perform and please promote. The Following video is the one where they are playing Nirvana's Breed & Smells like teen spirit.  


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