Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Of Contest And Award

Hi All,

I have been working a lot these days, ok, i'm working more than i usually do and that's why i don't get much of free time for me to do something.

Once one of my friend told me "You are busy when you can't take time out of yourself, not when you can't take time for others". Now, it feels really true to me now. I take out time to talk to my friends and family but nowadays, i don't get time to blog which is one my fav things in the day and i really miss it.

I miss you people more than you do me.

Today, i got the time so wanted to post some important things.
Firstly, i participated in the "blog makeover" contest hosted by "LadyJava". If, i win this contest or rather lucky draw, then my blog will get a makeover. So, i joined in ......and if you think your blog needs a makeover......then hop on may be you'll win this draw and yea, when you go to Lady Java's blog, do wish her Birthday, yea, today, is her birthday and also her wedding anniversary is this month. I wished your turn.

Also i want to share an award which i got from Meghana, one of my friend from INDIBLOGGER. She gave me the THANK YOU award. Gosh, i asked her why me????? I suck at everything which are eligibility of the winner of this award.

Anyways, i don't mind receiving the award.

Thanks to everyone.
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