Thursday, March 11, 2010

Saving Private Ryan – Tom Hanks at his best

Submitted by -- Hitesh Rawat

This is one of many of my favorite Tom Hanks movies and also Steven Spielberg’s too. This is movie is rated as the best war movie ever made and I felt same after watching this movie.

The especialty of this movie is the characters in the movie and all the actors played their part with par excellence. The movie is very much able to show the grief of the mothers and families. Major attraction of the movie also includes the combat scenes from the movie.

Although people can say that Tom Hanks character as the lead or main role of the movie but I say that all characters were major in this movie and that was because Steven Spielberg distributed the screen space so well between all the characters of the movie that you never feel that any of the character is left out or suppressed.

Tom Hanks character is filled of different shades where he shows his intelligence with some brilliant strategy to win the battle at the coast then at the same character can seen weeping in the middle of battle field remembering his life post the war.

The dialogs in the movie are also very touching. I personally really liked the scene when the Army supreme (don’t remember much about him) reads out a letter by president “Abraham Lincoln” showing condolence to the a mother who lost all of her kids in the war for the nation.

If you have not seen this movie due to any reason then I would recommend you to buy a DVD and watch it with whole family.
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