Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bloggers Premier Leauge

Hey All,

If you people have not noticed, i have been participating in Bloggers Premier Leauge. It's a contest for bloggers like me and you. Anybody can participate. Well, i was one of the lucky one's who got to participate in the first edition of BPL, as we call it.

Well, with me other 47 bloggers registered to participate. The host- http://cafe.gingerchai.com- divided us bloggers into 8 different teams and gave us names and batches to flaunt. My team's name is "The WordsWorth Legion" with a tag line - we make words worth reading. Cool huh........

Now, it's been more than a month and me and my team have successfully cleared four rounds of BPL. Well, to boast of, my team is one of the two teams in final. I count this as an achievement for me rather one of the biggest throughout my blogging career.

Here are the link to the post which i wrote for Bloggers Premier League  :-

1- Love and Indian Society (For the Round of SIX)

2- Whose Resources are these? (For the Round of FIVE)

3- Gabbar Singh's Confession -- Exclusive (For the Round of FOUR)

4- Karna - Ideal, If Not Perfect (For the Round of THREE)

Now, we are at the end of the Bloggers Premier Leauge, so there will be another post coming to be listed in the same.
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