Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love and Indian Society


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As they say, “If you haven’t been there, you can’t feel it”. The first time I realized this saying when I was sitting at my home on a Sunday morning, with my family watching 26th Jan celebration, when we felt tremors. We rushed out, entered home after an hour to know that more than 12,000 people died and I didn’t feel a thing. Though, I was sad about it but never felt what those people who went through it felt like. Same thing, I define my society rather Indian Society, the people living around me. People, whom I see everyday, people I know, people for whom I feel bad for when something bad happens to them or at least you know where they live.

So, I’m restricting this Indian Society to what I have seen and felt.

Under this topic, I’m describing two incidents which have affected my perception towards love, again in my Indian society.

The First Real Story

The girl was from a Gujar family and the guy was a Gadhwali (Uttrakhand). Both of them were from different strata of society. The Gujjar family never approved their love because love is not something which happens, in their society or culture, before marriage.
The Gujjar family, comprising of Father, Mother and a son, threatened the guy to leave their girl but the guy never listened. I guy was young, hot blooded and in love, so he kept seeing the girl. One day, when I was in class tenth, my mom woke me much before my school time. She told me, “C-1 mein murder ho gaya hai……..” I was shocked and scared. I went out saw the police jeeps standing outside the girl’s home. Later, the same evening, I heard the whole story. The parents invited the guy to their home, tempting him to talk about their future. The guy came in and then he was brutally murdered by the mother, father and son. The guy sliced into 6 different pieces with a sickle.

The Other Real Story

One day, I heard this from my mom when I came back from my college. Mom told that a woman, who lived in the next colony of ours, committed suicide. According to the police and what was reported by newspapers, the women, a widow, whose lost her husband with in a couple of months of their marriage, was in love with some person from her office. But, her in-law’s family never approved the relationship. They created so much of mental pressure on her that she couldn’t take more of it.

Both the incidents happened in my colony or at a distance that I can feel what happened inside those homes, with people I have met or talked with, with people I celebrated my festivals with and people with whom I shared sweets on Holi or Dipavali. I have never seen a successful love story in my life, may be that’s why I don’t believe in love. You want your love to succeed then fall for a girl who is of same status as of your families, is from the same religion, is at least 2 years younger than you and there are many more conditions. I believe what I see. I have seen this and that’s why I believe it. You have heard of Honor killings, well you just heard it…..I have felt it in my society, my INDIAN SOCIETY.

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