Friday, May 28, 2010

Trade -- Human Trafficking

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There was this period of time when i was totally into foreign language movies. I had seen a couple of Persian, two Korean, a Italian and one Spanish movie with in a week and i was so much in love with the movies of foreign language that i searched for more and one of those search brought me across to this wonderfully beautiful but sad movie based on Human Trafficking in America.


I knew nothing about before i saw it......and till today.....i know nothing about them, however the one thing i know for sure is that they all are good actors and i'll surely want to watch more of them in future.


The movie is based on HUMAN TRAFFICKING across border in United States. The movies starts when a 13 yrs old girl Adriana, is kidnapped from a city in Mexico. People who kidnapped her wanted to sell her and push into prostitution. Jorge, 17 yrs old Adriana's brother, goes on to chase down the people who kidnapped his sister. In his pursuit, he meets an American police officer who arrests him while he was trying to illegally cross America-Mexico border. Jorge tells the officer about his sister. The officer, Ray, believes him because he had lost his own girl to the same sex trafficking gang and helps him further. In the meantime, the kidnapper also kidnaps a women who is from Poland, came on a business trip to America. The kidnapper have more than 10 girls whom they sell online and to the highest bidder.

During one of their stoppage near a valley, Veronica, the polish women, says one of the most thrilling lines i have ever heard, "You'll pay for this and i'm going to make sure you will" she says to the kidnapper. Then she jumps from the cliff.

 At the end, the kidnapper brings the girls to the people who auction them online. They hold an auction for each girl and the person with highest bid takes the girl.

What happens to Adriana? Did Jorge save his sister? What happens to other girls who have been kidnapped?

Good Things

Though the movie is based on such a sensitive issue of human trafficking but the pace of the movie is as good as a thriller. The movie has so many twists in the screenplay, then there are 4-5 different characters. One of the best thing is the distribution of the footage. I mean how the screen space is divided among the different actors. You won't find any character being left out.

Not So Good Things


This is also a highly recommended movie. Yea, if you trying to rent it or watch, try to get the subtitles also, cause this movie uses different languages like English, Russian, Spanish and Polish.

8/10 for me.
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