Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Secure Documents Online


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of - Safe storage for your important documents. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm always scared to carry important documents especially on long trips. What will i do if i loose any of these documents or all of them? This is one feeling which kills me when i'm traveling. I think everybody here knows how much of stress it is recover everything especially legal documents. I mean what if you loose your degree's, your certificates or your ID's. I have lost my ID during my last job and i know how much i have to go through. Filling all the forms again, then going through the lengthy processes again. I'd wait for some 20-22 days for my ID to be renewed and till then i was wandering around as a temporary employee as my ID suggested.

Well, after all the things and stress i have gone though, i have learned one store things which i may require online, so that i can access them from anywhere. That's the reason i have my resume stored online. I always thought of a space where i can store my important documents and know what......i just found one. I was searching for it....when i came across iSigned - secure online storage for legal and other important documents. It's an online storage place where you can store all your important documents.

You can take an individual account or a business account. As a business you can put some contracts or legal documents which you can share with anyone you want. It provide more control to the businesses. It always keeps to updated with the expiry dates of the documents, if their is any, so that you can complete the work with plenty of time in hand. For individual users, it costs only $0.26 per day ($7.95 per month). For business purposes, you'll be charged $14.95 per month.

Right now they are giving away 5 documents Free Trial, for which i would recommend to take a look of. 

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