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The Japanese Wife

The Japanese Wife
I first read about this movie in an article in Bangalore times. It was a Raima Sen interview and also promotion for this movie. I categorize Raima Sen in an elite group of actresses whom you can really trust for their work. In the interview, she was telling how excited she was to work with some of the best in the industry for the movie "My Japanese Wife". She told "i was excited when Arpana Sen told me she wanted to cast her in the next movie."

Arpana Sen is one of those director who's work speaks for herself. A national award winner, i don't think she requires an introduction in India, atleast. I was quite surprised with the decision of casting Raima Sen instead of Konkana Sen, with no offense, both are brilliant actors and i love to watch them both. But if you have a free resource at home, then why pay someone else to do the same. In case, you don't know it, Konkana Sen is Arpana Sen's daughter and both of them have worked together earlier also and won accolades for their work in the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Iyer".

It good to see Arpana Sen did stick to Rahul Bose as the lead in her movie and i can't seen anyone else in the industry who could have played the character better. Rahul Bose who have proved his metal as an actor in parallel cinema and also in main stream full bollywood style movies too.

It was also great to see Moushumi Chatterjee back on screen. The last time i remember i saw her was in Kareeb. She is amazing. You will be surprised to know she still carries that unique cuteness in her voice. She is still as beautiful as she ever was. Loved to watch her back.

About The Movie

The movie starts with two people Snehamoy Chatterjee (Rahul) and Miyage (Chigusa Takaku) who are pen friends. Though, the movie never tells how both of them became pen friends which was a bit distracting but you won't think about that during the movie. Snehamoy, a Bangala boy, who have lost his parents during a flood, lives with his Aunt(Mother's sister). Miyage, lives in a village in Japan with her mother and also financially weak.

Snehamoy, is very introvert and thus never had friends. But he was quite open and friendly to Miyage, whom he used to say as her best friend.
Moushumi Chatterjee and Rahul Bose

Cut-to present, Raima Sen movies in to their house as a window with 5-6 year old boy. Some years ago, Snehamoy's Aunt tried to get them married but then Snehamoy tells her that he is already married to the Miyage. Miyage sent a ring with her name engraved on it to him as a marriage proposal and Snehamoy sends her Bangles as an acceptance. Both the character are financially weak to go to each others country so decides to wait till one gets enough money to afford the trip.

As some year passes by, Miyage's mother dies of a long sickness. Then, Miyage decides to come to India but her plans gets delayed as she falls sick. Later, the Miyage's sickness is diagnosed as Cancer. When Snehamoy hears the news, he also gets tensed about her. He wants to help her but what can he do.

There are many turmoils in movie like when Snehamoy is attracted towards Sandhya (Raima Sen) etc.

Watch the movie to find out if Snehamoy meets his Japanese wife? What happens between Sandhya and Snehamoy? Did Miyagi survive the cancer?

Chigusa Takaku

Well, other than Chigusa Takaku playing Miyage, i was sure about that others will be good or leave good better or best. However,Chigusa Takaku also stands out with her performance. This is one movies you'll know that you'll like it.....even before entering the theater.

Good Points

A perfect example of Long distance relationship.......well i don't even think that this love story falls in that category. But the faith both characters show in the relationship is amazing. It's a beautiful but sad love story.

Performances by cast stands out.
Another masterpiece by Arpana Sen.
You'd love Moushumi Chatterjee.
Watch the kite flying contest. Awesome Camera work.

Highly Recommended. Watch the movie even if you don't understand Bangala (I saw it, you can too) or get subtitles too. Do whatever you want but watch the movie.

8/10 from me.
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