Monday, July 19, 2010

Affiliate Marketing

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People many a times ask me, how did you start blogging? Well, the only answer is money. I was in my final year of graduation when one of my friends told me about blogging. He was earning from it and was able to support his own expenses. I started blogging to become independent. I bought my first mobile - Nokia N70 - by the money i earned from blogging.

I have inspired or encouraged 8 of my friends to be a blogger, though not all of them continued it. But I still think blogging is a great resource for students and housewives, especially. Some extra money never hurts.

Today, i'm presenting you the way which made John Chow, Joel Comm, Jeremy Schoemaker and Yaro Stara what they are today. You can go the link and download 139 pages affiliate marketing book. Other than 75 pages of content, you'll also get access to the interviews with 25 amazing bloggers in blogging market like John Chow and Jeremy Schoemaker. You get all kind of different tips to make money blogging and would suggest that this is the perfect time to grab this book. Affiliate marketing is a big market in the blogging world. There is a lot to explore in affiliate marketing.


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