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Whose Resources are these?


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I have read and heard many discussions about Naxalism, well many enough to form atleast an opinion. But I don’t know why, in the case of Naxalism i’m not able to choose a side. I can’t decide who is right and who is not? Who is the victim?

So, when I chose to write under this category, I thought why not get my confusion cleared. I’ll just break it for you and you can help me pick a side.

I’m breaking the whole issue in three groups; tell me which one would you not support?

The People

By “People”, here, i’m referring to the people who are living in the states or the districts affected by Naxalites. People who are living under the poverty line, who struggle to earn their bread. The People who are stuck between Indian government and Naxalites. People who are being killed in the war. People who live in states like Jharkhand or Chhattisgarh who are rich in minerals and ores, Indian economy depend on them a lot, but why are they still poor. They have lived their whole life in the same state …….why aren’t they getting anything out of the resources which is from their state. Maximum of the steel which is been extracted from Jharkhand is exported to Japan, other North Eastern Asian Countries, Gulf Countries at a high rate but what are these people getting from it. These people are still at the same level, under poverty line. Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh were broken away from Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, respectively, because the government was not able to concentrate on the uplifting and development of the tribes and people across many districts. But, making new states didn’t help, the new government took the advantage too and exploited the resources. People like Madhu Koda, who became billionaire, just being the CM of Jharkhand. He brought big companies to Jharkhand……..gave them the land to work on and made good money out of the deal. What did the “People” get from the deals?
Government took their land from them at prices which just a fraction of what government sold the big companies to. Big companies came and uprooted the jungles of Jharkhand. Jharkhand was a state were rare tribes used to live……but with the depletion of Jungles……these people are suffering to find a safe place to live.

Mittals have been allotted a space for their plant which will affect the Kulada jungle, Sainsera jungle, Regare jungle, Lappa jungle, Kabaspur junble, Nagda jungle, etc. This may bring jobs and financial support for the locals but this will destroy the ecology, dry the water level and pollute the surrounding

So do you support them???


Naxalites are people who rose from the PEOPLE above. These are the people who said, we won’t let these big companies and government exploit us. These people picked up arms to fight for the families and for their rights. If their government is making money out of selling their land or resources from their mother land…….then they should have the first right in the profit too. Though, these people have been misled by extremists but i won’t blame them much. These are the consequences of government plans for the welfare of THE PEOPLE which never got executed. By killing 76 CRPF men, then blowing the bus which killed 80 people including children and ladies, they have proved that they are not stopping at anything and if they need to kill THE PEOPLE to prove their point, they won’t hesitate even a bit. Naxalites are now active in 20 states across India with Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal being the worst affected.
One part of me do agree with these people to, i mean you should fight for your basic rights, though I don’t agree with killing people but this was something similar India independence fighter did who are now called martyr, may be one day …..the people who we are calling Naxalites will also be called by some similar names.

Recently, Author Arundhati Roy said she supports the Naxal’s reasons to fight, and doesn’t mind being sent to jail for feeling this.

So do you support them?

Indian Government

Operation Green Hunt
What does Indian Government think of this? Well, during one of the discussion I heard on the same topic, the official said that India is a democratic country and the resources belong to the whole nation and not just to a particular state. I agree with this ……….it’s a valid point. If we agree to the policy that every state should have the first right on the resources than the dependent states can be easily exploited by other. This is how you work with different countries not within a country. Agreeing to this will support people like Bal Thakre’s and Raj Thakre’s “Mumbai for Mumbaikers” ideology.

But, one part of me doesn’t support government on this issue. Well, they are people who are exploiting the people there too. Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, I believe are the richest state in accordance to their mineral ores but also they are the poorest of states. First, when they were part of big states like Bihar and Madhya Pardesh, they were ignored by the government and now when they are independent states…….government is exploiting them.

So do you support them?

I have always thought of me as confused person who always get confused after seeing the two sides of the coin. So, really need to you suggestion to come up with a clear opinion. I mean all three groups can’t be right, right?

So, I’ll just repeat the question for all you people once more.

Whose resources are these?
The People, Naxalites or the Government (Nation). 

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