Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Video Chat

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Well, since the day video calling was introduced in the chatting world , it has been a big hit among the youth. I remember i used to use it to chat with people from different parts of world, whom i became friends with on Skype. Seeing and talking to them live was an amazing feeling. But it would have been better, if only i had better quality of web cam.

My web cam was attached with my laptop, so i didn't had much of an option to use it because buying a new one costs you. But, one day my laptop's web cam stopping functioning and i was so happy that, finally, i can get rid of that old web cam and get a new one. So, i searched a lot about it.

Eventually, while searching for it, i found out about these HD web cams from faceVsion, which is the first internet streaming true HD web cam for Skype video calling. Isn't that amazing? I mean while searching for more information, i found out that many of other so called HD web cam can't stream true HD quality over internet. The technology those web cam use can only give an HD quality over a local network not over internet. But that's where H.264 hardware encoder built in FV touchcam N1 comes into play. This chipset is their secret to achieve such HD quality over internet. You can get all different kind of offers and products like FV ExpressCombo and many other truly amazing products from faceVision on line store, which itself is an amazing place.

Well, i think , if you are one of those people who use Skype video calling, then, this product is for you. Enjoy the HD quality video calls.

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