Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Knight And Day -- Not Great, But Fun

Knight and Day was promted in India with full force. There are many reason for it like Hollywood movies are doing good business in India lately. You have Avatar, it's collections from India proved its global success.

It’s the same reason why most of the Hollywood big budget movies are promoted in India, especially in the metropolitans. Let us keep that apart, today, I’m talking about the movie “Knight and Day”.

I heard about this movie before it was released. It was promoted extensively on the blogosphere. But, on its day of release in US, I heard pretty bad reviews about the movie. One fact which caught my eye was that this is the worst Tom Cruise movie, in terms of opening day collections. Although, I don’t get much affected by the reviews but still, reviews make that leave an impression for sure.


The movie has a big stars ensemble to its name. Tom Cruise, coming back again as an Action Hero and Cameron Diaz, accompanying her, well you can this is one of best star cast you could ask for.  

Yes, I’m a fan of both. This, I don’t know, may the 10th or 12th Tom Cruise movie I have seen. I have loved him in all different kind of characters may it be a fighter pilot from Top Gun, to an attorney in Few Good Men, Vanilla sky, Jerry Maguire, The Last Samurai, MI series and many more. He has lived up to the character many a times and same was I expecting in this movie too.

Cameron Diaz, have always been doing these light hearted comic/romantic movies like There’s something about Mary, The sweetest thing, Charlie’s Angels series but my favorite Cameron Diaz movie is  “My sister’s Keeper”. This is one movie I’ll never forget and Cameron was amazing in the movie as well as the other cast.

This was the fourth James Mangold movie I saw after girl interrupted, Kate and Leopold and Walk the Line. I had good expectations from the movie, especially because Walk the line being one of my all time favorite movies.


The movie revolves around a federal spy gone traitor, Miller (Tom Cruise). According to Millar, he is trying to a save perpetual energy resources, which was discovered by one of his friends, Simon, because some people were trying to sell it to a Spanish Mafia king Anotnio. He meets June Havens (Cameron Diaz) while catching a flight to his next destination. In the flight, the federal agents try to kill Miller while June was in bathroom. Miller succeeds in killing all the agents on the flight including the pilots. But, he somehow manages to land the plane safely. But, now June is stuck with him. Federal agents think that June is involved with Miller and try to take her under custody. But, Miller rescues her and convinces her that she’d be safe with her.

Thus, begins the journey of Roy and June together. What happens to the perpetual energy resource? What happens between June and Roy?

Good Things

Well, some of the good things about the movie are the action sequences, comic parts and the chemistry between Cruise and Diaz. About, action sequences, I’d say after Die Hard 4, this was the one action movie I liked, especially when it all made sense and they weren’t blowing cars for fun. I loved all the chasing sequences in the movie especially the one at the end with the motorcycle. Comedy is one of Cameron Diaz’s fortes. She nailed this one too. The romantic scenes between them are too good.

Bad Things

Yea, the movie was fun and entertaining but it wasn’t one of the greatest. It’s a good movie to watch but it definitely not one of those whom you’d cherish for long.

6/10 is what I rate this movie.

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