Friday, July 9, 2010

I won I won

Hey All,

Well, i took a day off on this thursday cause of a headache and what i was thinking of being a bad day, turned good at the end. Yea, after my lunch, i just came on online to check what is, my fav actress, Amisha Patel's (@ameesha_patel)updates, cause she said earlier she caught malaria. So, when i was online.......i found this contest held by one of Bangalore's/India's most famous local search Engine. It's called ASKLAILA. I have more about them which i'll tell in the next movie. AskLaila was hosting this contest and the winner will be given away free passes to the movie "Knight and Day" which i won. Yea, i won free passes to the new Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie. Yaaayyyyyyyyy. Cameron Diaz is one of favorite Hollywood actress especially after "My sister's keeper". I have written about this movie too( Click on the link to follow that).

I'm all excited to watch this movie. I also got a call from the AskLaila representative Linda. She was kind enough to courier me the passes when she heard i live far from their office(thank you).

So, now i have couple tickets to the movie on Saturday(10-july-2010) evening.........any one interested to give me company. Girls preferred.   :D

I saved the link to the tweet.
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