Monday, November 9, 2009

Get A Portal For You Baby

Alert:- Interesting Post Ahead

When i heard about this product, it hit me like a lighting. Dude, great idea. I think this is one product which everyone would like to have with them. If i was married and had kids, then certainly i would have got this.

Ok. So what's the product? Well, it's a web page or portal which allows you to make web page dedicated to your child or children, if you had extra time. So think of it, a whole web portal for your baby. You can post the whole life story of your kid. From the day one till the time they are able enough to take over it. You can post all the first's. Her first step, her first word, her first tooth, her second tooth, her first bite, her first pet, her first pic in nappy, her first Birthday, first and every halloween dress, first Christman, her first Thanks giving .........oohh man i can count so many thing that it will take the whole day and it still won't complete.

And yes, i used a lot of "HER" above cause i want a baby girl. Its too early to decide but still its a decision made and won't change. :)

Ok, one more thing i would say. I know you all visiting me are bloggers and you do have a page of your own where you do share stuff about your kids. Suggestions for you.

One this portal will only be or exclusively for your kids and stuff about them.
Two, this would be perfect for the people who are not bloggers. I mean you can refer your friends about this. Good thing, as it is dedicated to the kids,its really easy to manager. Its not about advertisements or sponsored posts here.

I was so excited about it that i went ahead and checked some of the highly ranked pages they have. Yea, they were awesome. Parents putting pics and video's of their kids here. It felt really good.

Would like to recommend this to everyone.

Create A  Free Website For Your Baby
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