Monday, November 9, 2009

Decision Maker

How good are you at decision making?

Don't ask me cause i suck at it.....that too big time. Although, yes, i feel good that i took those decision which were important for me but still i think i haven't done that good while proving my decisions were correct. I suck at supporting my decisions.

Then some time back, it hit me "Why don't i start reading some books" like those motivational books which tells you to plan and manage your work. How being disciplined helps you to achieve greatness. If this is it, then i think i won't be a achiever. I have no discipline and management talent. I'm very fickle in nature and work ad hoc.

But reading doesn't work with me. I hate reading. But i like things practically like practically. I understand things better that way. Its not like i was never disciplined. I was as a child or till teenage. Getting early in the morning. Everything was on schedule but i think that it was all cause of my parents. I can't do it on my own.

But i'm starting to walk the same aisle again. For sometime, i was missing this a lot that's why i thought of making some changes. I'm reading again.

One of the thing which is helping on this is goal setting. Yea, a pretty simple and practical tips are given here.

Let's hope. I'll be able to complete the goals which i have set today.
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