Monday, November 9, 2009

Money Savers

Hey All,

Its been a good but expensive weekend and should tell you..........i have been spending a lot on weekends. I spend more money on weekends than i do during the whole week. I think its not good.......or if not good....i should atleast control and manage my funds. I'm not as rich as Mr. Bill Gates.........who can use $500 bills instead of toilet papers.

One fact, i share Birth Date with Bill Gate. Yes, i know that.....and one day he'll too. :)

The thing i always do is to search internet for everything and yes, i searched for this one too. I did find some good articles to read which gave some really good tips. The one i liked the most is the one i'm sharing today. Good thing about it, very practical, simple and very effective. The article gives you many money saving tips. Saving is a good habit, i mean a penny saved is as good as earning one.

I think, this is great article. Try it.
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