Friday, November 6, 2009

Anger All Around India

India is a big nation. By big, i mean its the 6-7 largest country, landscape wise. This makes it really difficult to run a nation like this big. Yes, we all are different. People in India say, "in India the taste of water changes every 4 miles and language changes in every 2 miles". This is to show the diversity in India. Some say this diversity is good, it is one the unique feature about India that we are so together and united even after so much of differences. But the same thing is also bad. Being a big democratic country and trying to satisfy or atleast meet every-bodies requirement isn't a easy job. And if even one is left out, anger and hatred is induced in the heart's of people. The width strains against the failing hate.

I don't think there is even a single state, out of the 28 we have, which can be described as perfect living conditions.

Hatred is all over India. Northern India is majorly affected by the terrorist activities across the border, blame it Pakistan, Taliban or any major Terrorist Community like Al Quaida or L-e-T. But those people are responsible for the agitation in Northern India.....especially Kashmir and Punjab. Some time, i feel till what time we'll fight for the question "Who own's Kashmir?" because obviously, we can't afford the causalities happening cause of it. I know, soilders are trained to die for their country but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything saving those lives.

Central or Middle India is affected by its own internal crimes. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are the worst place to live, if you'll ask me. The crime rate, abduction's, contract killing, land Mafia, communal fights, killing of girl fœtus, rapes etc. You name it, they have it. I have lived in Uttar Pradesh and i know how bad it can be espcially be.

Eastern India is majorly affected by the naxalites. They aren't hurting local residents. Their fight is against the government who have deprived them from their fundamental Rights. They sabotage the government property and abducting government officials. They do have arms and always protect their living area by planting land mines around the area. They have killed many police personals and government perosnals too. They aren't affecting the people directly but the effect is there cause everybody is part of the same democracy.

Western India is all about religious riots. India's worst communal riots broke out here. It was an obvious religious riots between the Muslim's and Hindu's where many Muslim's were killed. One of the prime suspect of the riots was the current Chief Minister of the state. One of the fact about that planned riots was it was planned over a month. Hindu's did a census in the nearby area to count the number of Muslim families living by them and then on the day, it was massacre. People were burnt alive.

Southern India is driven more by discrimination. People in the Southern part of India are different culture wise. I mean even people of same religious belief living in North and South India will have differences and a lot of them. Also, you can say monetarily states here are in better situation. However, government scams and forgery is prominent here.

See, if you were thinking India is the best country in the world, well its not. But, still urge the people to come up and help me and yourself for the best of our community and country.

Jai Hind
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