Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Help Needed

First thing, i don't need help rite now, atleast. I do thank god for that.

HELP. I'm posting today about the thrust which pushes feel to help people around me or my friends. Its really important that you help people. It is one of those things which makes your day. Getting a THANK YOU from a stranger or person can make my day. It atleast makes mine. I remember when i used to work at the call center. When ever i used to get my caller's issue resolved......the thanks from the person made me work harder for the next call.

So, one time my friend asked me this question:
what you feel when somebody asks for help especially a friend?

Here's what i answered.

When somebody asks me for a favor, i feel as if i'm the most important person for that guy/gal at that moment, atleast. It's really bad to say.....but that gives me feeling of being like god. It feels as if only i can help the person out.

I know the reason is pretty bad. It's bad to compare self to god. But whatever is the reason, i have supported and helped my friends every time i can. Would rate it one of the best reason why i have so many friends and really good friends.

Here, i wanna say that whatever will be the situation, my friends can always trust me for being there. So, woo hoo....\,,,/.....to my friends. This one is for you. Love you all.
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