Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October Top Droppers

Hi all,

October is over and my god, this was one of the best month for my page in order of page visits. My biggest thanks to Entercard fellow Bloggers. You people are great. I thank all of you for visiting me again and again.

I have reached the best alexa rank of my page since i started blogging which was way back 2 and half years ago March, 2007. My current Alexa Rank is 78,887; sadly without any Google page rank.

Ok, leaving those thing aside. Today is the THANK YOU day. So, here's the list of the top 10 Droppers on my blog. Also, this time, i searched and also picked up the pics of the bloggers behing these amazing blogs. Sorry, to all blogger whose pics are listed here, if you want i can remove it(leave a comment) and also sorry to all those bloggers cause i couldn't find their pics.

1- Business Sphere (31)

Description- A blog on business advice, entrepreneurship ideas and consulting for business.

My Take - Perfect place for bloggers to get some info to improve their blog, how to get more traffic or make money while just killing time. This blog have everything which you would require.......and its not just perfect for the new bloggers but for the one who have been doing it for long and want to get some more Ideas.

Woo Hoo......for the great tips. Everybody presenting Mr. Eli Gatanela

2- Marriage and Beyond (31)

Description - on marriage, everything in between and thereafter.

My Take - Blog by a lady, i think so cause i have seen her hubby's blog too so a bit confused who is writing here. Blog is about their life in Manila, Philippines with hubby and a kid. The way they have been living there and how they enjoy living there. A nice family kind of blog. I have not seen any other family into blogging here. So, this is kind of different.

3- Vanilla Seven (31)

Description - Showcases of photography, idea, concept, design, graphic, environment, architecture, interior and art.

My Take - Ok, First there are 7 contributors to this page that's why it is called Vanilla Seven, which kept confusing me for some time. Amazing pictures, i mean it. All the contributors must be having awesome talent in photography. The clearity, the moment they capture. All the picture will talk to you themselves. If you want to learn about Photography, this is it. Nowhere to go from here.

4- Lisgold (31)

Description - I Blog about myself, my family and friends and talk about things that interest me.

My Take - This blog belongs to Lisa. This is one of the personal Mixed bag blogs. You get everything about Lisa. Her daily activities, about her son or the happy family life. This blog you can say is all about being Lisa. Hey, my blog is kind of simillar....i think. But she is really good with the words and posts she writes. All the best Lis....... \,,,/. Pic- the happy family.

5- Anns Snap Edit Scrap(31)

Description - mixed bag of my digital photography, photo editing, digi scrap designs, freebies and rambling about life.

My Take - You can say this is Ann's photo blog cause she always posts one pic from her Digi cam. She is also in photography, says to be learning but never seems to be like one. The pics are really great.

6- Art Shout (31)

Description - Art Shout Photo Blog - Art To Rock Your World.

My Take - Yes, as by the name you may have guessed that its a photo blog. People may think that photo blogs can be easy. Well i don't think so, also like this blog, making a mark in this fraternity is real hard work. Love the pics here. There is always something pleasing about the pictures and very attractive cause of the metaphor of the pics.

7- Computer Aid (31)

Description - Interesting PC problems encountered by a Computer Tech. Plus some other stuff :-)

My Take - This blog has made it three in a row. Also, started this kind of posts three months back and thank to this blog, who have been always in the top 10 droppers, i have got good rank. Needless to describe this blog, cause if you are part of entercard, you must have come across this while blog hopping or may when looking for some help about the technicalities of your computer. Every time i write its a awesome blog and will do it again.
Strongly recommended, if you love technical updates and new technologies. \,,,/

8- Art By Paul Baines (31)

Description - Blog for emerging UK art star Paul Baines. Limited edition large scale iconic, humorous, controversial prints available. Check out this outrageous arts blog.

My Take - Another Photo Blog but yet so different. I like how much variety these photo blogs have. This is also no exception. But still maintains the difference. The great satires with supporting pics. This is the blog of the upcoming star Paul Baines.

9- Buy-Tees.net T-Shirts (31)

Description - All the latest on the best t-shirts on the planet. Reviews, news, bargains galore. Latest from independent graphic t-shirt designers! Not accepting paid ads.

My Take - One of those theme centric blogs. Everything is about one thing. I mean this really needs some talent. Making a whole page all about Tee's and yet, coming up with something different everytime, amazing. I espeically like this blog and similar to this kind.

10 - Fledgling Blogger (30)

Description - Awesome blogging experience!

My Take - One of the most famous bloggers on entrecard. Never misses to make his point count. Always keeps something posted on the blog which will attract other bloggers. Amazing contests always, can say that cause i was winner of one of them and yes, i did get a prize. A perfect place to be to enjoy a blogger. \,,,/ Go June.


1- Bits and Pieces

One of my preferable blog to buy ads from. Think i bought 3-4 in last month. Lulu's blog always fetched the maxi clicks for my Blog.

Thank you

2- My Musings and Stuff

Another, my fav. Gave me the maxi clicks for the month.

THREE OF MY FAV BLOGS ON ENTRECARD (strongly recommended)


Love all your posts......... also like how you keep all aware of the issues. Loved the Got Boobies post. Go Mon \,,,/

2- Demcy

Love the blog and the family. I have subscribed to her youtube channel too.

3 - Sandi

Wonderful blog to visit too. Mother of 4 and real nice blogger. Yea, Gabbi's Bday is this month.......be there.
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