Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Travellers Delight

Today is my Birthday, its a good thing. Bad thing, this is the first year that i'm not with my family to enjoy it. Reasons can be many can't leave job for even one day to high air ticket charges and traveling through trains won't be feasible. I mean it takes more than 40 hours to reach my home town.

So, just for fun i tried checking the current prices for the air tickets today......and they are at its peak. And while blog hopping, i found information about Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacif
which are providing such great offers for next 3 days, across the world. I mean, they must be good in this cause providing offers like this especially in Asia is a big thing to do. There are so many places and you require a strong network to maintain the reputation.

This is a good place for travellers. Nice portal you can check information and book hotels, best living places around the world. And you don't even need to ask anyone about it, like you require everytime before leaving for a place to visit.

Check this portal, if you are leaving for holidays......if not....then also check may help later.

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