Wednesday, October 28, 2009

22 Down

Hey All,

Its my Birth-Day today. If, i'm in your list of friends in facebook or orkut, you may have seen it there.

Yes, the phone is ringing since 00:00 AM, 28th October. So, since a couple of days i've been thinking of what i should post on my B'day. Nothing came into my mind.......i was carrying the same thing with me to the bed.....and it was on my mind all time. So, today morning, when i woke up. This idea came into my mind. Don't know how bad or good it is but this is one of those feeling which strangely comes to the mind when you wake up. It felt as if, i was thinking about the whole thing all night and felt confident about it.

So here it goes, i've planned to break the last 22 years for this post.

1987- The year i was born.

1988- Really don't remember anything about it. Come on, i was too young.

- My brother told me that he used to let me win a race only cause i use to cry after loosing.

1990- My father told me that he bought me my first bat(that's why i'm such a huge fan of Cricket).

1991- I joined my first school.

1992- One of those years of which i don't have any memories.

1993- My uncle, father's bro, got married and then he no longer took me to school(only thing i remember of that year).

1994- That was the year when i had my first favorite actor -- SANJAY DUTT

1995- don't remember.

1996- Being the huge cricket buff and Cricket world cup held first time in India, that was the first world cup which i saw start to end and remember, i think, most of it.

1997 - I left my first school and joined a new one. Miss my friends from the old school........damn i'm not in contact with any one of them.

1998- Failed an exam in the monthly test. The only i have ever failed in my school life. It was terrible, i cried the whole night.

1999- My first real love.

2000- My first favorite actress came into the Indian Movie Industry. Have been in love with her since then. Never miss a single movie of her. She didn't make it big in the industry as was expected but she'll be my fav for life.

2001- First time my school group had an outing...which made us come close as a group. We are still together, all 14 of us. The same year was marked as the year of rise of SHAM. We four friends called us. Every word is the initial of one of our name. Like second one is mine Hitesh :)

2002- Passed the 10th standard. Got disapointing results which was a big switch.

2003- 14 of us were not together and were falling apart with some of us moved to distant places.

2004- Won school championship for table tennis. Also passed out my school. Entered the college for graduation.

2005- First year of college, found great friends. Become distant from school friends.
2006- Got into first and only fight of my life in college.

2007- Bought a Nokia N70 of my blogging money. My first phone. Came close to school friends again.

2008- Appeared to join in Indian Army. Couldn't make it. Completd graduation. Joined my first job. Made good friends at the job. Still with them.

2009- Changed job. Left home and moved to new city.

So, these are the last 22 year of my life................
There will be a couple of more B'day posts.

Happy Birthday to ME people \,,,/
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