Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kerela Wedding

Hi All,

Hey, if you people are thinking why i wasn't dropping by your blogs, well the simplest reason and the truth is "I was out of town attending a wedding". The place is exactly 7 hour drive from my place.

So, i left Friday nite and reached there early morning on Saturday. I'm one of the worst travelers you'll ever see. No, i don't puke all the way but i can't sleep while traveling. Yea, i slept some one hour that night and was so tired yesterday morning that i didn't even leave my hotel room for traveling around and to see the place.

I like wandering around new places. I think this is the best way of exploring the place around you and to know the people around. But this day, because of no sleep, i didn't get the chance to leave my room.

Ok, then was the wedding. Now, wedding in Southern part of India is way to different. Yes, the basic are very similar because we all are from same religion but the way they do it and we do it in Northern India was so contrasting. The dresses, ceremonies and food (i was waiting the whole day for that part) all were different. Regarding food, North Indian wedding's rarely have non-veg dishes, but here, we had like everything and because kerela is coastal area, we had some of the best sea food of my life(P.S. - I haven't eaten sea food a lot. I can count the number of times i have).

And because this was the first South Indian wedding i was attending and didn't knew what to wear and that's why i was dressed so different from the others. I was looking so different from the herd that everyone would have easily guessed i'm not from South India.

Then after the wedding was over, i needed to come back and travel the same day because i have job and needed to get by monday.

So, i traveled again. Reached home on sunday morning. Slept again till late evening. Yea, as i mentioned in my last post about my friend(Nikhil Nandan Singh) who celebrated his brithday on the 23rd of October, he suggested us this nice Muslim restaurent near by, where we ate today night. I must say Muslim restaurents have such good non-veg food that when ever i want to for non-veg, i hunt for a Muslim restaurent.

We ate Mutton Biryani and Dry mutton. Pics from there too.

I know you all had great weekend.....and people not from India....i know its still Sunday there. So all you enjoy the weekend.

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