Friday, October 23, 2009

Scorpion's Month

Hi Everyone,

From today the month of Scropion's starts. Why i'm posting it? Come on, you people don't remember it. Its my Birthday coming up next week and I'm a Scropion.

Talking about Scorpion, let me give out some traits of an scropion.

1- Fickle - Scropions are fickle and they can't decide on anything. Probably, that's the reason why i'm a bad decision maker. I think from heart.

2- Dual Personalities- Scropion always have this dormant and dominant personalities. It really takes hardwork to take talent out of a Scorpion. I meant especially if talent is the dormant personality.

3- Memory- Scorpion's never forget, especially, if the memory is one which hurt. Scorpions never forgive. They may say it that they have but once they loose confidence and trust on you then it won't be coming back.

4-Sting- Like a scorpio, Scorpion's also sting you bad. They may not do it physically but they'll hit you when and where it hurts the most.

5-Lover's- Scorpion's are dedicated lovers. If they are with you, they never back out. They'll go the world's end with you.

Enough of the praises and i don't want to talk about the bad part about Scorpion's.

So now, this for WISHING HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend.

NIKS (Nikhil Nandan Singh)

He's a fellow classmate. Its been about 10 years know him. He's also my room-mate for the first 5 months in this new city. You have seen him. He was there in the pics which i took from the stadium.

His links:
Facebook , Orkut

He is the middle one. Don't have clear one........ Sorry.
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