Friday, October 23, 2009

Insulated Lunch Tote's

Hey, its back to school time here India. I mean the vacations are over for the kids and the parents can now spend their day peacefully now. And its not in India, in many countries the schools are reopening after a vacation.

As a kid, i used to hate take the same stuff again next year to a new classroom and always asking my parents to get me everything new for a new class. May be your kids to the same. I searched some information about these stuff and came across toddler backpack: now this is something i would have fought for if was a kid. There were some more interesting stuff on webpage like an insulated lunch tote, nap mat etx.

If you get new stuff for the kids, they will go to school with more excitement. I have been there and have done that's why i'm telling you. I know you must have gone through the same when you were a toddler.

So try it, give'em a chance
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