Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bath Robe

Where do you go to relax? And i mean inside your house......not talking about beach and some country area.

Well, i love to lay myself in the tub with hot water, then stay there with some music........ Yea, i'm a water person although i don't know how to swim. Strange rite. I'm 22 now and still don't know swimming. Bad. But, i was bought up in the city where there wasn't any river or close to sea. So, i was kind of always facinated by the water.

Here's something which is pretty important after a bath............ yea, a robe or bath wrap, whatever you call it. I checked this review on someone's blog about terry bath robe. These people are into this business of bath robe ....... well they do make other things but today, its all about waffle bath robe. I think bath robe are kind of important to boost romance in life.....huhhhhhhh????

Well, don't ask me, you tell me how good is wearning robe's? Does it work on other sex?

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