Thursday, November 12, 2009

English- Wordless Wednesday

Although, India has some 15 National Languages and some hundreds of other.....which we speak but are not recognized as the National Languages. Still people are going crazy to learn English. Its really tough for an Indian to survive or to get good job, if the person doesn't know English. People think other who don't know English are stupid and they don't deserve anything.

People who know English think they are from some other world and look down on the people who don't. It's hard for some people to learn English. I mean.....think of have been brought up in an Hindi Speaking family......and suddenly after.....20 years .... you are asked to learn English....that to fluent and with an accent.

People are doing everything. They fake accent as if they are living in America, Australia, England or any major country and are here in India for some vacations. F***k you, fakers.

I used to work for a call center and yes, you may thinking that i used to fake my accent there but no, the good thing about that company or call center was that the people who were calling in knew they are calling in India.......and in a way both - the call and the receiver- will have to adjust to understand each other. This feature was like the best thing about there.

I'm an Indian and i too want equality for all no matter what region or state you come from or what language you speak.
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