Sunday, June 10, 2012

Indiblogger - Delhi Meet / We Loved Rajiv Makhni

It was the Indiblogger Meet in Delhi today............. I think, I did write about it a week earlier. Any who, it was great which I believe, is becoming a pattern with the blogger meets these guys are organizing. Well, actually, they had planned for two Bloggers meet - one and also the first was for the Women bloggers sponsored by Dove and other sponsored by Spice Mobiles. So, a lot of women bloggers over stayed and made it - by far the largest gather of Bloggers under one roof that Indiblogger have organized in Delhi and I believe, we may have crossed the all time record too.

About the Meet

The high points of the meet where the opening welcome by Anoop (The zombie) from the Indiblogger team and  everything just went up and up after that. Rajiv Makhni - the famous guy from GADGET GURU - took it over from there and then, taken to new heights by Karan Singh, of whom I hadn't hear of earlier but won't be forgetting after today. Rajiv with his wit and presence of mind hosted and kept the show high though out the time and Spice mobile offering free phones, helped him pretty well. Karan Singh, the mind reader, only god and few intelligent people in this world know how he played games with people's mind. I have not seen anybody do that kind of stuff - LIVE. And performing LIVE isn't easy.

These were all high points. A few low points were the discussion in which I was involved about "Mobile Security". I could see people all sitting in front of me were eyeing me as if they are counting the ribs they were going to break after it. This is caution note cause if you see people talking trash and cursing me for those painful moments...... yea, I know it... it was painful for me too.... I lived them too.

I thing which upset me most was not getting my "30 seconds of Fame" and probably, would have disappointed a few others too. So, a big BOO HOO for that from me.

I wish I had some pics to share but I have a bad camera and don't want to ruin the image I have created, probably.

Anywho, to finish it up, it was the BEST Indimeet I have attended and mind it cause this was my sixth IndiMeet....... how many have you attended huh..... ????? huh ????????

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