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My Sister's Keepers - Oscar Content

I saw this movie yesterday and think is still have the hangover of the movie. Please excuse me, if you think i was baised while reviewing this movie but, i'm adding to my list of "All Time Favorite's". This current year, i think, have been really bad for the Hollywood. It really lacked the content this year. Big movies with big budgets were made but they all lacked the main thing, the damn story....... where are the good writers who have written some amazing scripts of all time. Last year brought some really big movies like GI Joe, 2012, X-Men Origin etc and et. al. There are a lot i can name but sinceraly don't remember them .... cause there was nothing good to remember them. There have been really few movies to watch this year and this is one of them. Strongly recommended.

  • Cameron Diaz – Sara Fitzgerald
  • Alec Baldwin – Campbell Alexander
  • Abigail Breslin – Anna Fitzgerald
  • Sofia Vassilieva – Kate Fitzgerald
  • Jason Patric – Brian Fitzgerald
  • Evan Ellingson – Jesse Fitzgerald
  • Joan Cusack – Judge De Salvo
  • Thomas Dekker – Taylor Ambrose
  • Emily Deschanel - Dr. Farquad

Spoiler's Ahead

The movie starts with an extraordinary scene when the youngest child of Fitzgerald family Anna, played by Abigail Breslin, decides to sue her parents for Medical Emancipation because they were forcing or presurising her to donate body parts to her Leukemic older sister Kate Fitzgerald. Anna, as she got to know later, was concieved with a plan so that she can be used as a doner for her older sister. The two sisters are really close. They love eachother but this time Anna was thinking about herself.

Because of a leukemic patient in home, all other children were kind of sidelined. Though everybody was fine about it but all of them suffered cause of it. The oldest son Jesse also suffers the neglegence of his parents. Jesse was Dyslexic which his parents came to know very late.

The mother of the family, played by Cameron Diaz, Sarah who is a dedicated mother and want to save her girl at any cost. She is ready to do anything for her. She is not ready to believe that her girl can die of the Leukemia. She is so determinded to save her child that she has given her self to her girl. She has almost side lined her other two child. She has shaved her head for the movie and she is the second actress after Demi Moore whom i have seen doing this for a character.

The father of the family, Jason Patric, Brian Fitzgerald knows and understand his children and when Anna files sues them for medical emancipation, he realizes that everybody is important in the family. When the doctor tells him that her leukemic girl is dying. He takes her to the beach and try to make her last days happy and give her all the happiness in the world.

Kate Fitzgerald, played by Sofia Vassilieva, plays the leukemic girl child. No wonder if she gets hell lot of nomination for the character.She is awesome in the character. Hope to see a lot more of her again and again. She is like Ellen paige to me cause after watching Juno, i felt like she is it the best..........felt bad she didn't win oscar for Juno. Really don't have much words to describe her performance. She is really amazing ...... her when she falls in love.

Alexander, Alec Baldwin, the lawyer who takes up the case for Anna  and Joan Cusack, Judge De Salvo, who is the judge of the case. Also two important characters of the movie. I have not seen much of Alec Baldwin and really appreciate his performance in this movie. I'm getting some of this movies to watch ahead. Got the good shepard will be watching it in soon. I have been a fan of Joan Cusack and always wish to watch her more and more. I have seen some 6-8 movies of her and

always loved her.

Nick Cassavetes, the director of the movie, really would stand up and applaud and want to thank you for such an absolute beauty. One of the most difficult part when making such a movie with so many important charactes is to distribute the screen space between the characters so that no one looses its importance. And this is one point i think where Nick excelled and with the screenplay. The story is displayed on the screen very beautifully.

Matthew Barry and Nancy Green-Keyes congrats to them to pull out such a impressive and justifying cast.

Would like to highlight some important scenes of the movie.

1- Anna Talk to Alexander about hiring him for suing her parents.
2- When Kate finds love.
3- When the Fitzgerald's go to the beach.
4- When Sarah walks into Alexendar's office.
5- When Mom and Dad find out Jesse is Dyslexic and wants to send him to special school.
6- When Kate tells Anna to file the case against her parents.
7- When Jesse tells why Anna has filed the case against them.
8- Especial moments between kate and Taylor, her love.
9- Watch the dedicated and determine mother who wants to save her child.
10- When Judge De Salvo talk to Anna privatly about the case.

This is one of my awesome. I would give it 9/10 points and would really recommend you to watch this movie. To support these kind of film makers who are working there and bring pleasure to the industry with their work.
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