Friday, September 10, 2010

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar

Well, you guessed it right. It does have a strange name and think the name was the thing which attracted me towards this movie. Then, i found more about this movie on IMDB. The detailed included the in the movie, Patrick Swayze and Wesley Sniper played drag queens and the expression on my face was what..... !!!!!!!!!


Patrick Swayze, this is one of the few Swayze movies i have seen. It's just that he doesn't belong to my era. I have seen Dirty Dancing and Ghost and have been impressed by his performances. May because i have only seen some of his famous movie.

Even though, i have known and heard of Wesley Snipes earlier but i haven't seen any of his movies. I have heard a lot about his Blade Series but vampire/action movies, isn't my genre.

The cast also includes John Leguizamo whom i haven't heard of before or after the movie.


Vida (Swayze) and Noxeema (Wesley) wins a local drag queen beauty pageant and now have get an all paid trip to Vegas where they'll get to compete for the national title of America's Drag Queen award. After the competition, they find Chi chi (Leguizamo) crying over him loosing.

Patrick Swayze
Vida sees a potential drag queen winner in her and offers Chi chi to come with them to Vegas to participate in the America's Drag Queen competition. Vida and Noxeema redeems their air tickets and get a car and starts a road trip from Florida to Vegas.

During, the road trip, their car breaks at a point where there isn't much help. They had to live in a small village/town where they move in with a small family of 3. As they start living in the town, they start to like the people their however, no one in the town doesn't know that they are drag queen/ males dressed as females. In the meanwhile, Chi chi, the youngest of the herd, falls in love with a guy. Vida denies the relationship as the guy doesn't know the truth about Chi chi that he is a guy.

What happens with the Drag queens? Will the town ever know about their secret? Who wins the America's Drag Queen pageant? Many question are answered at the climax.

Good Things

Well, i'm a big fan of drama/emotional movies and this movie is full of it. You may categorize it into chick flick but it doesn't matter to me until it's a good movie. The movies had good performances by Swayze(Late. Patrick Swayze), Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo. Though, the storyline is not strong and is very predictable but i still found it a good watch. A good hearted movie.

Bad Things

Its not a great movie but a descent one. The movie is predictable. As its a chick flick kind of movie so won't suggest it to the guys or the chicks who doesn't prefer chick flicks.

6/10 from me
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