Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OLX India

OLX is household name now. I see my colleagues cracking jokes on people and enacting the TV adverts of OLX India, which are a huge hit and responsible for OLX's sucess in India. And its just not about the promotion, it is about the customer satisfaction which buyers and sellers get while working with OLX.

OLX, which is one of the largest free online classifieds, has a network established in more than 96 countries and serve in more than 40 languages. With the institutional campaign of "Where Buyers Meet Sellers", OLX provides the services which support and stand up to their campaign all the time.

What do you get from OLX as a Seller/Buyer ?? Listed below are few: -

  • You can customize adverts of your products by adding pictures and videos
  • You can control and monitor activities using MY OLX
  • Your ads are displayed on social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace etc
  • You can use your mobile to connect to OLX
  • With support for more than 40 languages, you can possibly get OLX in you language too
Being a buyer, you get a variety of stuff, coming in from different sellers, which in turns gives the best possible price on the product. I think that what every buyer wants, a good product at a reasonable price and that how OLX works. 

OLX stands firm on their aim is to give their customers a simple, fast, effective and safe solution to the buying and selling of goods and services, regardless of the their location. They have opened work spaces in different  countries they are working and which covers some of the biggest cities of the world like Mumbai, Sao Paolo, New York, Beijing, Buenos Aires and Moscow.

Following is an OLX advert, which became a huge success and helped OLX to reach the stature of  the most popular online classified.

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