Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Wished - Your Wish My App

So, I got a mail from Indiblogger, while sipping coffee in a conference room at my office. I tried reaching the Indiblogger webpage and register, but damn the network service which left me high. I couldn't leave the room for another half hour and it, seriously, was killing me. After leaving the room, I rushed to my work station and registered for the event and called by friend / fellow blogger to register too. I was lucky too, cause, the number of seats left after me registering went into single digits.

After grabbing some deep breathes, I looked at the complete mail about the event and its agenda. That's when I got to know that the event was sponsored by Nokia, who were also backing "Your Wish My App" season 2. Now, I do remember the season one of #YWMA, cause it gave me the chance to see Rajiv Makhni and Chetan Bhagat face to face. Yup, face to face means face to face. I was asked to sit in the audience for the Season Final of #YWMA, which was this huge wave innovation coming across in Delhi from several and very different cities of India.

So, to be at an event, which also marked the official start to the #YWMA season 2, was thrilling. This offered me another chance to meet Rajiv Makhni, who also told me that he recognizes me from another event, Vikas Khanna, you better know him and if not, stopping reading and leave, and Vishal Gondal, the witty/sarcastic entrepreneur. Even though, we reached late for the event, but what happened next installed my faith in god. At start, we had to stand at the back, as all the seats were taken. But then Poonam Kaul, Nokia, appears from heaven with a halo invites people to move to front to the bean bags. AND WE GOT THE BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE.

With best seats, I was all geared up and the event was nothing less than an absolute laughter riot. Rajeev with his funny stories, Vikas with his innocence and Vishal with his sarcasm and wit. The wired discussions between Rajeev and Vikas, Vikas's responses to Vishal and Rajeev and Vishal playing to his reputation of being the bad-ass judge. Two best thing about the whole #YWMA Indiblogger meet was the chemistry and amazing sense of humor among the all three judges/host/celebs.

I did hear a lot about Vikas before the event, though, I found him way better than described. It's not cause others weren't or I'm being paid to write for him, it's simply because he was. I was not a fan of Vikas's but after the event, I'm and have been following him on Fox Traveller.

Even though, I didn't win or get anything this time around, but I went home with an evening filled with laughter, heart filled with memories of meeting Vikas Khanna and Rajeev Makhni (Vishal - let's give it one more chance) and tummy filled with delicious dinner at the Oberoi Hotel.

Here's wishing to be in the stands again at the #YWMA season 2 finale.

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