Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SkyScanner's SkyScanning

What makes those experiences special which last in our memories for years? Well, it’s not a simple question to answer. Frankly and possibly, this is the first I’m trying to find an algorithm for this “Chemical X”. Let me start then, from the first to the last step.

The meet was started 24 hours when Indiblogger and Skycanner announced contest for the best travel selfie. It started showing soon in my twitter feed and many a Indibloggers started tweeting. I also couldn’t resist the amazing prize of the contest and tweeted a few 7 selfies. I did get a few retweets and favourites from fellow Indibloggers, which started the Skyscanner meet for me on twitter.

The venue - Le Meridien, is possibly the best venue I have came across and I have been to 14 different Indiblogger meets. It has this huge hall which accommodated the biggest Indiblogger meet till now, close to 400 Indiblogger. The lunch was delicious, sumptuous and very well organised too.

The people - I always believe, people around you make the experience special and the bloggers crowd was nothing less than a rockstar. All the people sitting around the table with me were energetic and full of enthusiasm. We were all together laughing at every joke, dancing when asked to, cheering loudly, listening to every point of view presented and enjoying every moment.

Presentations – All presentation and promotions were, gladly, short and precise. Skyscanner promoted their product/webpage in the best concise manner. They rightfully promoted their best features – “Everywhere” and “Monthly and Yearly”- instead of hogging time for commonly found services.

Contests – All the games we played individually or with teams were another reason why this meet was special. The prizes were special too. Actually, I and my team won the team amazing “around-the-world” treasure hunt contest too. This was the first ever team win for me at Indiblogger meets.

Even after writing more than 300 words, I still can point to one reason which puts the Skyscanner meet among the top few. I would give it up to everyone at the meet, the sumptuous lunch, the crazy content we won and new exciting people I met.
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