Sunday, January 19, 2014

The "Many" People

"These people should be hanged, life term isn't enough", is what I heard when entering into the local billiards club. There's nothing to be amazed about, I know how to play pool. Any who, I couldn't ignore the discussion, not cause that I wanted to participate, but cause they were so loud. The discussion was over Indian supreme court overruling the high court verdict of categorizing of section 377 of IPC as unconstitutional.

The views of these guys were just a mere reflection of the rigid and conservative Indian culture and mentality. This has nothing to do with education. This has everything to do with upbringing. Many people don't like changes and the sad part of being in a democracy is that the "Many" people form a majority. And these "Many" people are scared of the up coming changes. There "Many" people believe homosexuality is not natural. There "Many" people believe that its a disease which can be cured and is against their religion.

This post is not to change anyone's view on the issue in hand. I don't have the convincing power, same's the reason I'm not into sales or marketing. But this is just to the induce a thought that if you are among the "Many" people then be ready for the change. You may not want it, but it will come in.


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