Monday, June 4, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

I did try to save my weekly expense on movie this week so that i could spend it on the two movies releasing this coming Friday, though, couldn't as I was getting bored to death today - Monday. I went down to watch the newly released "Snow White" movie. One of the primary reasons to choose the movie ahead of others was Charlize Theron on the posters,though, I did see Kristen Stewart in cast but I'm more of a Theron fan than I dislike Stewart.


Charlize Theron's being part of the movie was enough for me. I have been a great fan of her and have been missing her from the big screen since a few years. Primarily cause of her movies doesn't release in India that easily and Hancock was the last Theron movie released in theaters given that Prometheus is yet to release in India. The only movie of Kristen Stewart I liked was "In the Land Women" but then she had a small supporting part in it. It was good to see Chris "Thor" Hemsworth, whom I recently saw in "The Avengers". I hadn't hear about Rupert Sanders "Director" about much earlier, so no comments for him.


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The movie takes a bit darker take at disney's fairytale of Princess Snow White. I liked how the movie starts. It has pace which remains with the movie for most of the part. Being a fairy tale, good graphics and animations was pretty much given. The action sequences in the movie are good starting from the first one when the King saves the "Ravenna" (Charlize) from the Dark Army which proved as a trap, till the one in the end between the wicket witch Ravenna and Snow White (Kristen). The characterization of both the characters played by Charlize and Kristen is pretty strong and where as, Charlize did a brilliant job with it and shows her experience and talent which bring the character to life. Though, Kristen failed to do so and seemed pretty weak at few moments. Her lack of experience showed through her portrayal, though, I'm not trying to prove anything less of her, she did have her moments in the movie but lacked the maturity. She was looked beautiful and innocent to be easily related to Snow White, though, the same she couldn't do with her performance. Chris Hemsworth was good with his part as the huntsmen. He plays the guy who saves the Princess and then, falls in love with her beauty and innocence.

The second half of the movies moves it focus from the Witch to the Princess which kind of killed the movie. Though, it is a movie which i recommend but that's only because of Charlize Theron.

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