Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Can't Go On, I'll Go On

I have no idea why I picked this title for the post, possibly, it won't be relevant to the things I'll be keying ahead. But, that's what I believe is the title about, doing the things you like, even though, you suck greatly at'em.

Any who, after working for two successive weekends, which doesn't mean I didn't on the weekdays, I had a weekend of this time. I kind of enjoyed it - my style. Went for dinner a few good places. Laid back and saw a few movies I had in my collection of movies-to-be-seen. But it was the news I got sometime in the evening on Sunday. Its about the next Indblogger meet to be held in Delhi, which a bit unusual cause they don't do Delhi this time of the year and cause the Indi team doesn't like the heat of the Delhi at this time of the year.

Well, hoping that this time the Indimeet won't be lonely as was the last one which is why missed the Bangalore Indimeets as i have attended 3 Indimeets there and a few people know me by my name.

Also, the reason for this post just to announce that this space ........ is not dead......and I have taken up my blog again and many of you people will be seeing a lot of this blog around the places soon.

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