Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Howzat Cricket

Being a cricket buff, Howzat Cricket had to do really good as game for me to like it. And for change, it did. I have gone through different online games but ESPNCRICINFOR's Howzat Cricket is the best cricket simulation available online.

I have been hooked to Howzat for more than a couple of months now and been enjoying and getting a bit addicted to it. Plus, because Howzat works with Facebook, I can play the same with my friends. I can challenge them, brag about my achievements in the game and just about anything which I choose. 

The game lets you hit shots all round the park. Though, I specifically like the one offered through the "off-side". The bowling style of bowlers does change really well according to their international namesakes. So another way, for the people who love cricket, to have fun.

So, in case you join the network. Add me too.

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