Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Day and Night - Amritsar

The trip to Amritsar was not a well planned or thought trip. Just a back up plan which was taken up after PLAN A didn't work out. Even though, this was an ad-hoc kind of trip, it went pretty well. I hated the travelling part which, I admit, I hate a lot, always.

The trip started with an early morning in Delhi Railway Station. It was a hazy morning, however, as if the somebody knew that we're about to leave and cleared all the fog by the time we left home. We reached the station on time and so did the train. Cause we had to catch the train early - it was a 6:00 AM - so, I took the blanket out and slept through the journey - wasn't in the sight seeing mood @ 6 in the morning.

Any who, we reached Amritsar on time, no matter how unbelievable it felt to me but it was true. After hearing so much about Indian trains, I had such a bad perception of trains reaching in time but at least, for a day though, it proved wrong.

First thing, we did was to check in and eat and eat a lot, as we haven't had since morning and won't be for a long time. Then, we went in to re-visit the history and the remains of carnage which took place @ Jallianwala bagh (Search wikipedia for information about Jallianwala bagh). Being there, made me felt that how badly was the remains were maintained. The Martyr's well for full of coins and many more things which people threw in. There was a tall red monument which was build in the middle of the Bagh with no information about it. I didn't know what to even call it.

We went on to visit Darbar Sahib - better known as The Golden Temple in English and Swarn Mandir in Hindi (Search Wikipedia again for more), which felt a bit strange to me as Darbar Sahib is a Gurudwara, however, when I read more about it, Darbar Sahib is originally called Harmandir Sahib. So, I thought may be that is the reason about calling Darbar Sahib a Temple. Anyway, all the questions were rested as I entered the premise. I could see The Darbar Sahib, shining in the in the middle of the holy Sarovar, even though, the Sun was a bit dim and the weather was murky. I clicked and clicked a lot. We had wait in the line for at least an hour and half which gave me the chance on watching The Darbar Sahib while the sun set and in the lights too. As this was my elder brother's second trip to The Darbar Sahib, so we had a good tour of the Gurudwara. We went to see where The Guru Granth Sahib have been placed and experienced the peace in every corner of Darbar Sahib. We came out of Darbar Sahib with a lot of peace. Then, walked around the Sarovar a couple of times and back to the inn.

We didn't had much time to visit the Wagah Border, however, we did have enough time to a renowned Dhaba - place to eat - in Amritsar, called Kesar Da Dhaba. I had seen the place on TV during an episode of  "Zayaka India Ka" (Flavor of India) and yea, was excited about being there. Everything they serve was drenched in Desi Ghee which may have not enticed a lot of people but it did to me and my family. I stuffed myself so much that it wasn't easy for me to get up and thinking of reaching back to the inn felt wasting a lot of time. However, to digest all of heavily fried and drenched in butter food, we decided to walk to the inn. Well, it felt as of this was the exciting thing we did in Amritsar, but, there was still a small trip we had to make - to reach the station @5 in the morning. Dilli's chill was good to us but it wasn't the same in Amritsar. It was cold, really cold. I believe it was less than 2 degree's at time. I was shivering like never before.

So, in the end it proved to a COOL trip. I know, this was bad but I can't help it. Any who, you see a couple of the pics below, however, to see all of the pics, you can CLICK HERE.

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