Saturday, December 17, 2011

My first KFC Fiery Chicken

Here's a small, tiny, little, short incident which happened a few weeks back. This may not matter a lot but I did for me. This was not a life changing incident though, it did change a bit of my perspective. Any let me draw you a picture first.

Voucher received from KFC with help from Indiblogger

I had register for KFC's bucket of Fiery Grilled chicken via Indiblogger on Monday and received my coupon by Saturday. If you remember that a couple of Saturday back, we had a Lunar Eclipse. Though my mom, believes too much into the eclipse affecting our lives, I insisted on getting the voucher redeemed the same day. I had to, well, not convince but persuade her which was successful. So, it was fixed that it will a KFC's Fiery Grilled dinner at home.

Me and bro drove to the KFC and presented the voucher and one which was surprising that the girl behind the counter didn't ask any question. She took the order and we waited. My mom being a vegan, we had to pick some veggie food which was not a big fuss. We asked the people at KFC to hold on to our order by the time we come back. When I offered to pay for the order, they suggested to do that when the order is completed. Good for me.

We went out and bought the shudh-shakahaari food. We came back to KFC, payed the bill and took the hot, grilled chicken to home. When at home, I took out my wallet and phone to keep it on the table, I realized that my phone was missing. And just like you see it in the movies, a string of events flashed, at the end of which i realized that I forgot picking it up after the payment. Because late hours - 9:00 or 9:30 - there was no one to tell me to pick it up plus the guy who took the order went behind while i was collecting the "chillar".

I drove back to KFC with my heart in my mouth cause I love my phone and it is a hard earned phone of my own blogging money, as don't get much writing opportunities. I went into the KFC and thanks to that guy who held the phone with himself and showed me as I entered. At that very moment, it felt it as if I have opened the gate to Heaven and there was this angel with wings and halo, extending his hands towards me with phone.

Okay, it wasn't that filmy but if you know me, I'm a big movie buff and if, I had shot that scene, it would have been exactly the way I described above.

I suck at ending or climax or closing, so I think i'll leave this at -- Today, I had my second Fiery Grilled.

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